Let's Talk About Perspective

Perspective. It never ceases to amaze me how two people can look at the same thing and walk away with two different things. Sometimes when two people disagree on what they see the results are disastrous and lead to an argument. Other times the misunderstanding can be hysterical. Allow me to explain. I spent today at BookExpo, a trade show for authors, publishers, printing agencies, etc. I honestly can't think of any other place in the world where there can be so many differences in opinions. I can pitch an idea to an agency that has multiple agents; one agent will say it's not for them then the other will say they have interest. One agency will label a book a satire while others call it a commentary. I call it a headache. To illustrate what I mean, for those of us that are visual, I present to you a card from the game DINGBATS. The game DINGBATS hides words or phrases in illustrations. I took a picture of this card because of the story behind it. A student teacher, a student and I were playing DINGBATS together. I pulled the card and the race was on to figure out the meaning. All of a sudden my student teacher raises her hand. "I got it!" she yells, "BRAIN FART!"She quickly covered her face in shock but it was too late. It was out there dragging like the embarrassment of toilet paper stuck to your shoe. After a good laugh, my student said "I think it's brainpower." Then I looked at it and said, "I think it's brainwave." After we debated for awhile we revealed the answer (I'm not going to tell you the answer because it kills the point of the blog.) and we all had an "Ah-HA" moment except for my student teacher who just had a moment. Clarity rained down on us and invited us to share in the same perspective. All of our answers were valid. They had a reason behind them. Personally, I am still struggling with my student teacher's response and wonder why that was in the forefront of her thoughts. Now, when I think back, she was foreshadowing the upcoming semester she shared with me. The point is, there is not one universal truth. Some people get it. Some people don't. Some people accept it but disagree. Other people will never get it so stop trying to convince them. Back up your reasons. "Because I said so!" is something our parents said that we all hated but hold on to it now even subconsciously. Our ideas are worth more than that. So today I'm going back to BookCon with my perspective, my ego, and my ideas. I know full well that the publishers and agents may not share my perspective but it is an opportunity for me to see their ideas, their perspective. Maybe I'll change mine or maybe not. As long as I don't come out with a brainfart, I'll be okay.