Camouflaged Flamingos

It's been a fairly long time since I have contributed to this blog for which I apologize however, I had a million things going on at once.  Do any of you feel like that?  No matter where you turn there is something else that has to be taken care of?  It is so easy to lose yourself in all the tasks and forget to take time for yourself and what really matters.  

I have found success in the series Camouflaged!  It is being shown in MO, MA, IL etc. I hope you can catch a showing.  The premise of the series is to hide animals that don't have the ability to blend into their surroundings like the flamingo, for example.  Their bright colors and lanky bodies have nothing to blend into on a beach.  They stand out for every possible predator to see. Now, however, Camouflaged is a great metaphor for my absence.

The past few months I hid behind my work, behind its success, and the process to keep the momentum.  I was blending into a backdrop of obligation, business, and drive.  I became so absorbed by my scene that I pushed through medical issues.   I didn't take the time to listen to my body telling me to slow down.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you see it, my medical issues caught up to me and I collapsed tearing my meniscus.  The recovery and the pending surgery has been forcing me to slow down, relax and step away from the scenery that swallowed me whole.

At first, I was annoyed with my body for exposing my weaknesses but, I thought of my friends, the flamingos, whose vulnerabilities are exposed daily.  They stand on one leg enduring the heat yet, approach life with beauty, balance and grace.  They exude confidence within their colonies. They socially interact and move in sync with one another changing direction simultaneously. Like the flamingo, I learned how to cope without the cover of camouflage. Instead of being absorbed by the hustle and drive of success,  I could pick and choose when to take sanctuary and when to become an active part of mu surroundings. It is a complex dance that flamingos have seemed to master.  Hopefully, I will evolve the same.