Hello And Welcome!

Hello My Friends!

     Welcome to My Head.  Here, I will put my thoughts, information and musings.  As you may or may not know, I am also a published author and photographer so I may highlight my pictures with samples from upcoming books.  With that out of the way, let's talk.

     I went to a botanical garden yesterday and I was amazed.  Fountains, a mansion, gardens and walking paths shared by children and adults sharing in the beautiful weather.  As I was walking, I came across these women:

I found this image to be such a beautiful vision of friendship that I had to capture it.  As I looked at it last night and wondered where it could be touched up or enhanced, I figured I'd be doing such a disservice.  It was perfect as it was.  But why?  Why did this photo stand out as perfect?  I thought about it and then it occurred to me...the picture is not perfect but the message is.

No one is perfect.  We imperfectly perfect. It's the imperfections that make us unique and the base of individuality.These four women are enjoying each other and the world which they helped build.  Sharing and comparing.  Lamenting and laughing.  They are just "being" and enjoying who they are and who they are with.  It's a simple photo.  It's a real photo.  It's not a huge or grand piece. Life is not like that.  I am not like that.  We are made from simple memories we have caught in our nets like we catch butterflies or wasps or flies: grace, trauma, or death.  Our opinions grow and change from what we have caught in our nets; sometimes they are super flexible and other times firm as steel.   Either way, the opinions we cast today are based on what our nets have caught in the past.  We are the culmination of a life lived.  For better or worse, we live.

I wonder what these women have caught in their nets.  I am not one to eavesdrop but I did overhear some talk about where they had worked and their challenges.  But where I wonder, they have already shared together and freed what has been caught in their nets. They put it back out into the universe with wisdom and guidance for others to catch and build up themselves.